The Green Room Interviews - Introduction

The Green Room Interviews - Introduction

Hello everybody!

I hope you had a great week! Well, mine was pretty busy and that's why my new blog post was kind of delayed... But I promise I will soon make up for it!

Please, let me welcome you to "The Green Room Interviews" series. In this room, I will interview admirable professionals of the translation industry who would like to share small or big secrets of their great success with us. Why did I choose to do that in a Green Room? The answer is quite simple.

To me translation is an art. The way a translator mystically transforms words in order to successfully travel across languages and among cultures is purely artistic. So, where a better place to interview a language artist than in a Green Room?

I know that you will all be jumping up and down of joy when you hear who is going to enter the Green Room first! So, don’t miss out October's Green Room Interview! The first language star is really a... Surprise!

Don't be nosy, just get ready!


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