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ITI Awards 2021 Anastasia Giagopoulou Best translation

I am delighted that I have decided to enter for the Best performance on a translation assignment award on the ITI Awards 2021.

For starters, let me tell you why it's a great idea to enter for the ITI Awards.


• You gain recognition for your achievements, or those of a peer, colleague or  

   student, if it's a team entry

• Your work stands out in a highly competitive market

• You are entitled to use the ITI Award Winner logo (which is a super powerful

   marketing tool)

• You inspire others with your hard work to work harder and do better


The Best performance on a translation assignment award is an award that recognises a translator or a team of translators for an outstanding performance on a particular translation assignment.

So, it is such an honour that the judges felt that my work was an excellent example for the profession and deserved recognition, and they decided that I should receive a special commendation in the Best performance on a translation assignment class.

I have been recognised for my transcreation from English into Greek of the My magical numbers, a personalized book for children, a one-of-a-kind story about the date of a child's birthday, published by The Story Tailors.

It is important to mention that this book is part of a storybook project, My Magic Story, a line of personalized books for children by The Story Tailors.

The organized progress towards a specific goal leads to big and satisfying outcomes. Each team contributed to this goal. Many people have achieved to the success of this project by attaining the goals that were set by the client, understanding the problems and obstacles, and then resolving any possible communication issues.

So, Kudos to the entire The Story Tailors family!

People are inspired by knowing that their hard work makes a difference beyond profitability. I am definitely inspired and motivated to work harder and do better. I hope that this special commendation will inspire others to keep working hard towards their business goals.

Thank you so much, ITI, for this special commendation!

Congratulations to all the winners in the ITI Awards 2021!

Look out for the announcements on the ITI website about the 2021 award winners.




Special Commendation ITI Awards 2021 Anastasia Giagopoulou


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