When you say Goodbye to your old laptop

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When you say Goodbye to your old laptop, In Greek Translations

It’s the End of an Era

In this digital era, mobility is evolving at a breakneck pace.

The new technology rules instruct in a way society to adapt to the new digital reality. This also reflects on the electronic devices people use on their daily routine. So, portability becomes the new normal.

As desktops started to fade away, laptops took over the world and became the trusty hard workers of the modern way of living.


Portability Is the New Black

Laptops are practically as functionable as personal computers, with the extra feature of mobility. Wireless technology has given people the freedom to perfectly fit their lives in the new digital era providing thousands of choices to the consumers to select their favourite portable electronic device.

Today, you can find smarter, smaller, lighter and more colourful laptops for your needs. The more intelligent your laptop is, the more creative and fast your work becomes.


Do Laptops Age?

Yes, they do!

Laptops, like everything else in this planet, age. Despite their high functionality and their technological development, with constant use, they gradually wear and become more and more inefficient.

So, it’s an undoubted reality that there comes a time when you have to say goodbye to your most dear electronic friend. Regardless of the regular maintenance and the quality of your product, after a good number of years you have to upgrade to a new model as your old companion starts to malfunction.


Read the Signs

Unless there is a major problem and your laptop shuts down out of the blue, most of the times there are some warning signs to help you realize that it is time to kiss your tech friend goodbye.

  • When it’s taking a lifetime to boot
  • When it crashes when multiple applications are running at the same time
  • When the battery is discharging really quickly
  • When it’s frequently overheating
  • When new tools and programs don’t sync

You can certainly find some tips and tricks to improve its functionality, but let’s face it, the best option is to get a new laptop.


Embrace the New

This is exactly what I did when almost all of the above warning signs were practically written in huge fonts all over on one of my laptops.

OK, I admit it… It took me for ever to decide that it was about time to let my “Pinky” go (named after its impressive Flamingo pink colour). A great number of really cool features, accompanied by the top quality of its brand, plus the fact that for the last 10 (yes, TEN!) years Pinky was working non-stop without betraying me not even once, made me postpone its replacement.

As technology evolves, shapes our world and creates new patterns of work, we have to keep ourselves updated with the new tech trends in order to have a competitive business.

Embrace the new and stand out from the crowd.


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