How to Avoid MyBizCard Spam!

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How to Avoid MyBizCard Spam!

Hi there!

This is a super urgent post I decided to write and publish this evening. The reason is a message I received from one of my contacts in LinkedIn.

I will not comment on the strong language used in the warning message I've received (to be honest, I am still shocked by this person's rudeness!), but I will thank this guy for letting me know about this serious issue. To my complete ignorance, I was suffering through this MyBizCard scam for more than 3 months! The worst thing is that I did not realize that all my contacts were being spammed as well! I'm pretty sure you can imagine my shock and shame! I am super-cautious about whom I sign up with and I always double check the website's credibility; still, I decided to register when one of my trusted contacts asked me for a review. As this service was offered through LinkedIn, I thought it would be a good idea to also give it a try. Bang! I have just opened Pandora's box!

To cut a long story short, I ended up realizing that I have been asking from people I have never collaborated with to write a review about my translation services! It's been a nightmare! I feel so annoyed and frustrated by this horrible scam. I thought it was only proper to write a post and warn you about it in order to avoid this bad experience.

4 Steps on How to Avoid MyBizCard spam

In a Google search on how to stop this madness I found a really helpful post by Su Butcher. Thankfully, you can avoid MyBizCard spam and you can remove access to your information through LinkedIn by following these instructions:

In your LinkedIn profile:
1. Go to your "privacy and settings" page (drop down menu by your photo in the top right hand corner – in earlier versions of LinkedIn the menu was by your name)
2. Choose the "Groups, Companies and Applications" tab;
3. Click on "View your Applications";
4. Find "MyBizCard" from the list, tick the checkbox and click the "Remove" button.

I really apologize for the trouble that all my contacts had to go through.

This has not happened to you? Consider yourself lucky! However, if you were taken in by this, don't be ashamed. Either way, please share this post to warn people about it and remember that this could happen to any of us!

Thank you all for your help and support! Smile



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