Here are the most common questions people ask about my translation services.

Do you work with companies or private individuals?

My business is a B2B company, which means that I exclusively work with companies and not private individuals. Consumers are definitely an essential part of why B2B companies cooperate, but they aren’t directly involved in B2B transactions.

Which languages do you support?

I am a freelance translator and my working languages are English and Greek. I mainly translate into Greek (my native language) and I offer copywriting services both in English and Greek.

How quickly can you deliver my translations?

I will help you get your translation when you need it. As a guide, delivery times vary depending on the number of words and the file format. On average, a translator can translate approximately 2,000 - 2,500 words per day; however, this daily output is affected by the type of text involved. On top of that, additional time must be allowed for the proofreading, as I always proofread my own work. Please let me know when you need your translation to be ready and we can find a timeframe that matches your needs.

How long will it take to receive a response to my email?

I will do my best to respond within 24 hours.

Do you use machine translation?

No, I provide human translations only.

How do you assure quality in your translations?

As a professional translator, I am a member of PEM, ITI, ATA and IAPTI; these memberships are a relevant proof of my educational background, certifications, professional knowledge, language-related qualifications and professional experience. On top of that, I always make sure that the final text is translated and spell checked, terminology is consistent, the text is linguistically correct and specifically tailored for the target group, reference material is taken into account, and all relevant instructions are followed. During the proofreading stage, where desired, another reviewer can also examine the final text to confirm that all quality criteria have been met.

To me quality is a proof of excellence in my work. So, in order to fulfil my customers’ needs and retain their loyalty, I follow the principles below:

  • I always work hard to deliver the best possible translation (my goal)
  • I only accept assignments that allow me to achieve my goal
  • I decline assignments at prices that keep me away from my goal
  • I only cooperate (when needed and agreed) with professional translators, editors, proofreaders and revisers working into their native language
  • I only handle assignments to the above professionals who specialise in the particular field
  • I walk the extra mile
  • I stay focused and follow the agreed schedule
  • I strive to improve my skills through ongoing training
How much does a translation cost?

The cost of a translation depends on many factors, such as the type of service needed (translation, proofreading, transcreation, etc.), the number of words, the level of difficulty and the delivery time. Additional fees may be charged (upon agreement) if the translation needs an urgent delivery. Moreover, a minimum fee is applied for texts up to 250 source words. Get in touch for a free quote tailored made to your translation needs.

What ways of payment do you accept?

In Greek Translations accepts payments via Bank transfer (preferred method) and PayPal.com in Euro (€) and US Dollar ($). My standard invoice payment terms are 30 days and 45 days net.

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