Why Headlines Are So Important In Digital Marketing

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Why Headlines Are So Important In Digital Marketing, Anastasia Giagopoulou

By definition, a headline is "a heading at the top of an article or page in a newspaper or magazine". By analysing a little bit further, we could say that the headline is the text indicating the nature of the article that will follow and its purpose is to quickly inform the reader and, at the same time, draw attention to the content.

An effective headline is probably your most powerful tool to make a good first impression on a prospective reader. Without a headline or post title that is intriguing and draws attention, your content will remain "invisible". Why is that? Because headlines determine whether your target audience is going to read your content or not.

In the era of digital marketing and social media, all entrepreneurs (translators included) are trying to reach new customers by increasing traffic to their website. What is the most powerful tool to do that? Language!

The words you choose to use should appeal to those people you aim at and make them want to find out more in order to "buy" and share your content in the social media world. This is why you need a very strong and appealing headline package.

Always remember that effective copy has one purpose and one purpose only: to persuade your prospective audience to get your content read, all the way to your call to action. Therefore, it's pretty clear that if readers never make it to the first line of your content, you need to try a different strategy.

How To Identify A Winning Headline

Based on the above, let's find out the 4 most important elements of a winning headline:

- Grabs attention
This is the reason why a successful headline determines the effectiveness of your whole copy. This is its purpose; to make the prospective reader interested in reading your copy.

Example: The Secret of Successful Marketing

- Makes a promise

An effective headline makes a promise. Your headline is basically a promise to your readers. It promises that your intended readers will get what they need, desire, or maybe they'll find a solution to their problem. Your headline should be the story that people want to hear. But, you should be extra careful with that promise; remember that you should make a promise that you will be able to deliver.

Example: How to make money working from home with your PC

- Focuses on the reader
An effective headline focuses on the reader. A general promise will most probably not catch the attention of your prospective readers. The benefit, the solution you offer has to be specific. You have to make your reader want to learn more about your benefit. The more you focus on your readers' needs in your headline, the more traffic you’ll get to your copy.

Example: See How Easily You Can Create Your Own Website

- Creates a higher emotional value
As I've already said, a headline has to address a problem or a desire of your prospects. This element intrigues the emotion of your prospects and then, people connect with your content on an emotional level. If you succeed in doing that, then you have the readers' attention.

Example: Build a Business Plan You Can Be Proud Of

Headlines can really sell. As your main purpose is to sell a product or idea to your prospective readers, you have to remember that readers are always curious to learn and they tend to click on headlines that make successful and intriguing promises. So, write headlines that work for your audience and bring prospect readers to your content.

In essence, remember that people love surfing the Internet because they want to get some benefit out of it; rarely someone reads an article or a post just for the benefit of the author.

Stay tuned for practical tips on how to write effective headlines!


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